A SINGLE DROP was founded in early 2004, based on the concept that “it takes a single drop of foundation to start a construction or remodeling”, one person to initiate genuine change. Based on the universal truth that a great foundation can build a solid environmental home! ASD is dedicated to promoting green environment society by building environment friendly infrastructures and home while building a MILLION VOICE CHOIR. It also provides fund for these kind of services. That is why it is also running this event “we rise” to raise funds and add up to the project. With the conviction that green environment is an instrument of peace, and music is a means of connecting people toward a single intention, the MILLION VOICE CHOIR creates an extraordinary celebration where a global community can experience the magnitude of a simple unified action and feel its vastness as it ripples outward.


Launching in Spring 2004, Gemma Bulos, ASD’s founder, traveled around the world teaching and inviting people to sing “WE RISE”, an original anthem that celebrates green environment as a metaphor for “unity in action” to build a home and buildings of greenery scenario. This world “tour” galvanized diverse groups in an invited 100 cities in over 60 countries to join together for this unprecedented grassroots global peace movement. This culminated in a wave of voices singing “WE RISE” from all over the world on September 21st, 2004, in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace.


A Pathway to World Peace and Global Harmony

With invitations to perform at many international conferences and gatherings, Gemma was also called upon to share her global message “Green, Music and Unity as a Pathway to Peace and Global Harmony.” With her extensive experience as a writer/producer and teacher, she merges education, activism and art and an eco-friendly environment awareness with the healing power of music, this interactive workshop has since been requested at schools and gatherings to explore the social, historical and spiritual role, green environment and music have played in personal healing and peacemaking. With compelling new evidence discovering the marvels of water and realizing humankind’s inherent connection to this vital resource, it encourages youth to recognize how their behavior can affect their health and well-being as well the world around them. It empowers them with the choice to become conscious global citizens.

A SINGLE DROP recently gained sponsorship from Solar Solutionsa San Diego-based company that has developed a green movement enabling construction companies to start an eco-friendly establishments. The product was specifically designed for manufacture and use by rural populations and refugees in the developing world and can be produced in those countries for less than $1.00 per unit. This way we can protect Mother Nature and build a eco-friendly community for ourselves and the world we live in!